Hi, I'm Sarah

For all my busy peeps, here's the short version:
Fueled by my passion for capturing amazing, madly-in-love couples and creating artistic editorials has lead me to where I am today - a portrait and wedding photographer who also creates editorial content. If you’re a passionate, kind, good and honest human, we’ll get along great (promise!). The better connection we have, the better our session is (like a million times better!). So what are you waiting for?!

Oh and fun fact, Jual is my middle name and is pronounced "jewel." It's my grandmas' initials put together, and I love it forever :)

Long version:

The thing is that I'd like to say I'm fascinated by connection - and it definitely shows in my work.

I'm not just here to take pretty photos (but that's fun too). I'd rather observe and capture your relationship. How is that different? I prefer to capture how you look at each other, how you laugh with (and at) each other, and so many things that contribute to your relationship and connection together.

If you love the same things, don't be too shy to say hi!