I think about my grandpa when I think of photos. The images we have of him bring me back to funny stories of him giving embarrassing speeches and teaching us songs that he made up. When he passed in 2020, right before my wedding, it was heartbreaking, but I knew I’d always be able to hold onto him through these snapshots.

Here’s the thing. Every second we get with our partner, family, and friends is a gift. When it comes right down to it, those memories you make and that wholeness you feel when you’re in your loved one’s presence is more valuable than anything in this whole world. Keep it. Foster it. Cherish it.

The past, the future, the NOW

I'm sarah

Let’s make a connection!

This perspective follows me as I capture connections for my couples now. And my own experience, both as a wedding photographer and as a wedding-haver (AKA bride), helps me know what you’re going through. Everything blurs by and you can’t process it all at once. 

I take photos knowing that one day they’ll help you look back and treasure what you had then and what you’ll come to have in your future. 

I hope you always find this kind of comfort in your photos.

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She is so easy-going and easy to work with, yet she also exudes such a joy that makes you feel excited to be in front of the camera. Our gallery of photos was everything I wanted and MORE. Dreamy, authentic, emotive, all the amazing feels came rushing back when we looked through our photos. :)

aaaand some factoids about me:


Jual is actually my middle name. Said like jewel, and is spelled from the first two letters of my grandma's names.
Ju (Judy) + al (Alice) = JUAL

2. I survived wedding planning

My husband Chris and I were married in Feb 2020, and I still can’t believe this day even happened. It was such a whirlwind and yet also a dream. I’m so happy to be married to my best friend and partner for life.

This also means I’ve been in your shoes, and I understand where you’re coming from! 

3. I AM OBSESSED WITH other people's PETS

My family has two shih tzus, but my mom feeds the ducks, cats, birds in our backyard. Yeah, we're that house.

If you have a pet, it will be my new mission to cuddle them and find ways to include them in your photos!


I happy-cried ALL DAY LONG at our own wedding. Chances are I’ll happy-cry at your wedding too!

Viewing your wedding through the eyes of a friend or loved one is so important to you then you’ve probably hit the jackpot with me haha. 

New Zealand

My Favorite Place:

My Hubby

favorite person:

Sitting on the friends couch!

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