Here’s a quick (totally scientific) statistic: 100% of couples think they’re awkward when taking photos. And 10/10 recommend me to cure their awkwardness.

That happy-crying, face-smushing, puppy-eyed couple that’s so in love is right there under a thin sheet of awkward ice. I can see it! Let me pour on some Hawaii sunshine so you can just show up as yourselves. That’s all we have to do to make this day amazing. 

How do I bring out the true you? Welllll besides my warmth, empathy, openness and above-average listening skills … I toe the line between a photo director and photo ninja throughout your day. I can talk you through the posing to make you feel natural and authentic. I can wrangle family and wedding parties like a pro. And I also know when to step back and blend in to capture those candid moments. 

My goal is to let you experience every single second of your day while I capture everything without you knowing it. 

Show me your moves (and let me show you mine!)

The Experience

Client Praise


"Sarah has been with us through it all. She is so easy to work with and made the process worthwhile. We’re kind of awkward when it comes to photos but Sarah made it more comfortable. She really knows her stuff and is passionate at what she does. Working with her is like working with a good friend you’ve known for a lifetime."

Despite the Field of Dreams reference, I trust you

If you build it, they will come, and everyone will have an awesome time. Trust.

I know that the planning needs to happen and the details need to get finalized, but right now can you do yourself a favor? 

Just remember that your day is about one simple thing: Connection. 

The honest truth here is that I just want to make your day effortless and centered 10,000% on the experience for you and your ohana (loved ones). I’ve been there, personally and professionally, so I put myself in your wedding shoes. I give my all to keep the calm, help you manage your time, and simply let you be present for those moments that you’ll never have again but you’ll hold onto forever. 

Your job: Laugh, cry, revel, soak up all the love, and take in every single moment. My job is to be the unseen orchestrator holding your memories safe. 

I take photos knowing that one day they’ll help you look back and treasure what you had then and what you’ll come to have in your future. 

I hope you always find this kind of comfort in your photos.

Wedding “Field of Dreams”

Client Praise


"It was our first time taking professional photos and Sarah made us feel so comfortable. Her professionalism is top notch and I absolutely love her personality. You’ll instantly click with her and it will feel like you’ve been besties forever. She has great recommendations for wedding vendors as well."

Partial, and full wedding day experiences for intimate or larger guest count weddings (up to 150)
6 hour weddings start at $3,250 with 2 photographers. Gallery delivered within 10 weeks.
8 hour weddings start at $4,450 with 2 photographers. Gallery delivered within 10 weeks. 

These packages come with a 10x10 album, 10 spreads. Additional spreads are ala carte.

Whether it’s always been your dream to elope or Covid changed plans for you, let’s do it!
Starting at $2,650 for 4 hours with 2 photographers. Gallery delivered within 8 weeks.

Engagements, Anniversaries, Honeymoon, couple sessions, or just for the love and smooches. These sessions are my jam!
Starting at $600 for an hour and a half session. Two outfits and two locations optional.


Every wedding package comes with a complimentary print credit. $200 credit for prints or you can put it toward a designed album. Get those photos off your phone and into your home! 


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