Starting a new norm today. Introducing #MovingMondays because something inside me is drawn to have a different association with Mondays other than its “mundane.” #MovingMondays is born out of a craving to experience more in life. 

For example, if you get goosebumps or teary-eyed when witnessing two people fall in love, we must be two peas-in-a-pod. Its like all you can feel is happy for that couple. Why is that? 

Its because we know relationships are messy. Its one person compromising and choosing to share life with another person. Because anytime you have two human beings together, it can get messy.

The mess comes with arguments and disagreements. Because when two people collide, sparks are going to fly. Opinions are going to come out, and there will always be differences. 

But why then are we so happy and in awe when we witness people fall in love? Its being genuinely happy that they continue to choose to love. Its knowing a human being from the inside out and still choosing to be by their side. Loving their flaws and being loved for yours.

Those are some of my thoughts for today’s #MovingMondays. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic and even on #movingmondays! Leave a comment below or reach out! 

Come back next week for another addition to #movingmondays 🙂

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