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What if you’ve never shot at our venue before?

If this is a local (Oahu) wedding, I can actually go to your wedding rehearsal! I love being able to see the space ahead of time, plus I get to watch how your ceremony is going to flow (where everyone is coming from, what my restrictions are, etc).

Are first looks necessary?

No first looks aren’t necessary, but it’s all up to you! I personally enjoy first looks because they give you a little bit more one-on-one time before everything starts (and you are talking to someone all. the. time.) And it also determines where in your timeline your photos are going to be taken. Is it immediately after the ceremony with family, then bridal party, then you two? Or we can take some of you two at your first look, then have the ceremony, then have more time with family, the wedding party, do more photos with you guys OR you guys can join your cocktail hour with your guests.

Like I said, it’s all about what YOU prefer to do. I mearly go with the flow, direct when I have to, and capture all the moments you want.

Where are you located? Do you travel?

I live on Oahu in Hawaii, and am available for travel to the other Hawaiian islands or mainland! Let me know where your destination is, and we can work something out!

What is your photography style?

My style of photography is very organic. I do my best to capture the natural interaction between you both. This includes talking to each other, laughing with one another, and those glances of love. Worried about posing? No worries! I direct you into each pose or action while still capturing the mood and feel of the moment.

What are your rates?

Engagements and couple sessions are $250 an hour.
Wedding day rates start at $1,700 for 8 hours which include myself as the lead photographer! There’s also an option to add a second photographer to assist, just gotta ask!
Outer islands and mainland travel fees will be added on. Feel free to ask

Do you have any add-ons?

Yes! Engagement sessions, prints and albums can be added on if that’s your thing!

We’re in! How do we hire you?!

Yes! I’m so stoked to meet you! We can chat via email , Skype, FaceTime, or over coffee. Sometimes getting your photo taken can feel awkward, but getting to know each other helps ease us into the fun stuff!

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