What is your photography style?

My style is very organic, breathing, living. I capture natural, spontaneous interactions. Worried about posing? Don’t! I’ll guide you every step of the way. All the direction I give is meant to capture reactions in the moment. If something feels forced, we’ll just move right on to the next shot. Every couple relates to each other in completely different ways. So, whether you’re the touchy feely type or love goofing off, I capture you as you!!

What if you’ve never shot at our venue before?

If this is a local (Oahu) wedding, I would love to go to your wedding rehearsal. I love being able to see the space ahead of time and how your ceremony is going to flow. I will bring my camera and take test shots to envision how I will shoot your day.

Do we need to have a second shooter?

For elopements or small weddings (less than 30 people), we won’t need a second shooter. For weddings that have a guest count of 50-75 people, it’s nice but not 100% necessary. We can always talk.about it.

For weddings of 100 people or more, I recommend a second shooter. Between the two of us, we’re able to cover more ground to capture more of those priceless moments. When I’m stuck navigating tables and guests I like being able to point to what I need my second shooter to get and they go off and running.

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