Hey, this is me.

Hey, this is me

In all my awkward glory!

99% of the time I'm a super happy human (#thanksparents). My close friends would describe me as the loud laughing girl in the group. This is the truth haha. I've been told, "Sarah we can hear you when you're in the elevator" ALL. THE. DAMN. TIME.
I don't hate it, I thrive in it.



Here's some fun facts about me!


1. How to say my name
(It's ok. Most people don't know!)

My full name is Sarah Jual Tengan. My middle name is said like jewel, and is spelled from the first two letters of my grandma's on each side.

Ju (Judy) + al (Alice) = JUAL and I wouldn't change it for anything <3

2. Born and Raised on Oahu

Which means I'll hug you, prefer walking in slippers, and love eating spam (#hawaiigirl). Also I've been super into hiking lately and have no regrets.

3. Obsessed with pets

I got this one #frommymama. My family has two shih tzus, but my mom feeds the ducks, cats, birds in our backyard. Yeah, we're that house. If you have a pet, it will be my new mission to cuddle them.

If you ever need more animal accounts to follow, I'm your girl.

eating popcorn.gif

4. I have a TV addiction.

Fav TV Competitions: Project Runway & Top Chef
Fav Reality TV Shows: The Kardashians & Anything on Bravo
Fav Sitcom TV: Friends, The Office, Parks & Rec, Big Bang Theory, and Castle

I have a permanent spot on the couch that's all mine.

5. I'm an emotional sap

Emphasis on #thefeels. I am unashamed to admit that I watch other peoples' wedding videos for a good cry. Love is a constant pursuing and commitment to love each other through all the flaws and trials. There's something so powerful about that to me.