“I feel that there’s nothing more genuinely artistic than to love people.”

Vincent Van Gogh


Hey there!

You know that person who you can hear from a block away? That’s me. Even if you can’t see me, you can find me in a crowd by my calling card—my infectious laugh. 99.9% of the time I’m a super happy human (thanks, Mom and Dad!). 

I’m joyful, loving, honest, determined. And sometimes I trip over nothing, but it’s OK!! This is me. In all my awkward glory!

Life is funny sometimes. I majored in accounting but don’t do my own taxes LOL. When I first played with my uncle’s camera, I was hooked. Looking back at those first photos, I feel, happy, proud, nostalgic and weepy. I think, “That’s my family. I collected those moments. I created something that will last.”

Now, creating photos and capturing moments means I keep memories alive. In some cases this is literal. I document my own life so I can look back at important moments forever. I document weddings so you can do the same.



Aaaand more factoids about me:




1. How to say my name  (I’m asked all the time).

My full name is Sarah Jual (Tengan) Goya. My middle name is said like jewel, and is spelled from the first two letters of my grandma’s on each side.

Ju (Judy) + al (Alice) = JUAL


My husband Chris and I were married on Feb 16, 2020, and I still can’t believe this day even happened. It was such a whirlwind and yet also a dream. I’m so happy to be married to my best friend and partner for life.

3. I am obsessed with pets

I got this one #frommymama. My family has two shih tzus, but my mom feeds the ducks, cats, birds in our backyard. Yeah, we’re that house. If you have a pet, it will be my new mission to cuddle them.

If you ever need more animal accounts to follow, I’m your girl.


eating popcorn.gif

4. I have a TV addiction.

Fav TV Competitions: Project Runway & Top Chef
Fav Reality TV Shows: LOVE IS BLIND & Anything on Bravo
Fav Sitcom TV: Friends, The Office, Parks & Rec

No one dares sit at my spot on the couch.

5. I’m an emotional sap

I am unashamed to admit that I watch other peoples’ wedding videos for a good cry (I’ll probably cry at your wedding). Love is a constant pursuit and commitment. Loving someone is saying, “I will grow for you. And that’s what I want to do for you.” There’s something so powerful about that to me. There’s something powerful about that to me. Even more powerful is having your whole community of family and friends helping you in that pursuit of growth.

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