It was an overcast day in February for Mike and Ashley’s wedding at the Honolulu Country Club, but a little rain wasn’t going to stop us! If anything, it was only a slight distraction in this amazing day for them. We had to move the ceremony from outside to inside the country club, but they had ZERO complaints. Literally I don’t think I heard them complain or sound even a little concerned about anything except their family and friends. Sweetest. People. EVER.

I took their engagement photos a few months before (see them here!), and when we talked about the wedding plans they didn’t seem overwhelmed or stressed. If anything, they were just excited to get to their honeymoon. They were going to New York, so yeah I’d be excited too LOL. I bring this up because that’s the same feeling I had throughout their wedding day at the Honolulu Country Club.

They were excited to be married and start their amazing life together as husband and wife, but also see all their family and friends who were equally stoked! From taking their first look photos at the Honolulu Country Club’s golf course, to the (happy) -teary ceremony, and laughter-filled reception, it was a damn good time. I happy-cried, laughed, and captured some awesome dance moves their guests had haha.


“We booked her for our engagement shoot and forgot we were in front of a camera that day. It was so much fun and it was so easy to work with Sarah….” Read more of their experience on my testimonialss page!

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